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In 2000, Jam Master Jay had a dream for a store that would represent the cultural impact of adidas and Run-DMC. With the full blessing of adidas, it was going to be a celebration of the brand and the band that made history. Unfortunately, that dream was put on hold because of Jay’s passing. Now we are all here to fulfill that dream with CLICKS, the embodiment of (CL)othes and k(ICKS) that defines our culture. With the explosion of sneaker culture into the mainstream and the emergence of many boutique stores we decided now is the time to take it one step higher and create what we call "the unique boutique". On the song “My adidas” I said we took the beat (the sounds, the fashion and the vibes) and put it on TV for all to see. With CLICKS being a living and breathing place you can go, you not only see it, but you live and feel the powerful and positive impact on the world that was created when adidas and Hip-Hop united! Clicks is what happens what you feel something real and powerful. It happened when I put on "My adidas" sneakers for the first time and became something that inspired and excited generations for years to come. CLICKS will do the same. CLICKS is it! 

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