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Eric James or "Shake" as he is known to many, met RUN DMC in his teenage years when they were in town for a show and had the opportunity to play a basketball game with the legendary hip hop group. There him and Jam Master Jay struck up there friendship. Shake travelled the world with his best friend and the two would make songs, shop for shoes to collect, and play video games together.

Shake has always had a huge love for Adidas dating back to his childhood, which he had in common with Jam Master Jay who came up with the iconic Adidas tracksuit and shell toes for the hip hop group. Shake was featured in Complex Magazine's "State of Sneakers: 40 Diehard Sneaker Fans." Shake and Jam Master Jay always talked about having there own Adidas Store and now that dream is a reality in Clicks. In memory of Jam Master Jay, Shake annually does a Jam Master Jay back to school giveaway sponsored by Adidas that gives shoes, backpacks, haircuts, and school supplies to underprivileged kids and currently this is the 5th year for this event.

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